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What is Sauna?

For Finns, sauna is a way of life - from early times sauna was the key room in any Finnish household - once used for cleaning, curing illness and even delivering babies, this form of bathing has become best known for relaxing the body and mind and for the ultimate sense of well being which it imparts.

The concept is simple - a timber lined room is heated to a temperature of 75 to 80°C; where normally such heat would be uncomfortable, in sauna the wood absorbs the moisture and the dry atmosphere is pleasant for short periods, promoting heavy perspiration, opening the pores and deep cleansing the skin.

Time spent in the heat is interspersed with an invigorating cold shower or plunge and enhanced by "loyly" - the Finnish term for sprinkling a little water on the hot rock, raising humidity and creating a wave of heat which heightens the sense of relaxation and contentment. A period of rest following the bathing consolidates the rewards of the sauna and is a social time to enjoy with family and friends.

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