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Softhot Sauna Range

Built to the same standards as Original sauna, the Softhot model includes a number of useful enhancements, in particular Helo's Softhot heater.

Softhot saunas are available in 44 standard sizes and may be further modified. A heavy duty commercial version of this sauna is also available with double thickness benches and different heater systems.

Options are available to change the door type, add double-glazed windows and even change the external appearance to smooth white to blend with your decor - the corner kit offering not just a space saving door design but the opportunity to create multi-sided cabins. Also, our unique inward opening window means you can fit the cabin across existing windows and still gain access for cleaning!

Standard features are included:

  • 75mm (3") thick insulated wall and ceiling panels with invisible T&G joining
  • 12.5mm Spruce panelling to all surfaces (including unseen areas)
  • Pre-hung door may be for inverted left or right opening
  • Concealed ventilation system with low level outlet for even heat
  • All benches are 500mm deep with concealed fixings
  • Complete kit includes ceramic light, pail, ladle, thermometer & bathing instructions

Plus these extra features:

  • Choice of door - triple rebated timber with long window or 8mm tinted safety glass
  • Luxury backrests and headrests for upper benches in Abachi wood
  • Softhot heater with up to 30kg rock (4.5kW and above)
  • Wood light shade for soft, diffused light
  • Useful 15 minute sandtimer
  • Corner door option for most models

The unique Softhot heater is the "heart" of these cabins. With a huge store of rock more usually found in commercial cabins, you will enjoy soft sauna as favoured by modern day Finns - with lower temperatures and higher humidity - and no chance of running out of steam! Small cabins retain the space saving "PD" 3kW compact heater.

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