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Sauna Heaters & Controls

A wide range of heaters is available including the most popular standard electric type, wood burning models for the traditionalist with an outdoor cabin and special new designs including "EverReady" which runs permanently with a "trickle" feed so that sauna is always ready for use and "Steamy" offering four different climates with increased humidity for a "softer" bathing experience.

An essential part of sauna bathing is "Loyly" - the steam sensation created when water is ladled onto the sauna rock. Over the years, Helo has developed electric sauna heaters with more compact dimensions and efficient materials, reducing running costs and improving longevity but never compromising on sauna rock. Today even our smallest heaters retain a full width rock tray with 10kg capacity while the latest SOFTHOT design can take up to 35 kg allowing for more humidity in the lower temperatures which most British bathers prefer.

Heater choices:

Now a "classic" sauna heater PD 30, has long been the favourite model for small saunas. Fitting neatly to a separate wall bracket, this mini heater can be placed with the simple side mounted controls to the left or right as required. Easy operation is possible with a dual function 4hour running timer with up to 8 hours preset and thermostat control with factory fitted sensor and overheat cutout. No compromise has been made in materials used - alu-zinc and stainless steel shell with Incalloy elements ensure trouble free and long term service. A full 10kg of rock is included. Available in 3kW rating, single phase connection only. Standard finish: red
Junior is the newest Helo heater, conceived with modern bathroom saunas very much in mind. The sleek slim line design is further enhanced by the stainless steel outer finish and neat protective grill covering the rock tray. Control for this heater is via a flush mounting digital pad with soft touch buttons and a bright green display. Time and temperature may be simply set and safety is assured in the humidity of the bathroom with low voltage electronics. Junior also uses 10kg of rock for plentiful steam. Available in 3kW rating, single phase connection only. Standard finish: stainless steel
This traditional design has been used in thousands of saunas over many years. Made with proven materials - alu-zinc and stainless steel lining with painted outer casing, Incalloy elements and stainless steel top trim - the wall mounted heater features handy built-in controls which may be moved to the front of either side as required. A dual function timer for 8 hours presetting and four hours running and temperature control are included with the thermostat and overheat cutout usefully factory fitted within the heater. Models from 4.5kW to 8kW may be specified with between 15 and 23kg of sauna rock included. The optional separate control version allows operation of the heater from a remote location - use with standard OT panel with similar controls to the built-in type of digital OT with up to 24 hour presetting and 6 hour running and bright temperature readout. Available from stock in all Kw sizes, single or three phase connection. Standard finish: red
The softhot model represents the very latest thinking in sauna heaters. Using the same high quality materials as the standard unit, the pleasing contoured shape permits a larger store of sauna rock for softer sauna at lower temperatures. This heater is wall mounted on separate brackets so that the convenient side fitted controls can be sited to the right or left by simply turning the heater. An optional floor stand allows for more versatile and imaginative sauna layouts - stand the heater in the centre of the cabin or in front of a window. Servicing is simplified by top fitting elements. Softhot is available for use with separate control panels and in the same power range as the standard heater. Available from stock in all kW sizes, single or 3 phase connection. Standard finish: Shadow Grey. Coloured front panels in turquoise, red, blue, green or stainless steel are available to special order.
SOFTHOT Steamy Heater
"Steamy" heater develops the softer sauna theme allowing for four different cabin climates programmed via a separate dedicated control panel. The regular heater incorporates a specialist steam generator which is blended with the traditional sauna output to provide four settings - NORMAL SAUNA, SOFT SAUNA, SOFT BATH & SOFT STEAM. The operation is fully automatic and ensures safety, disabling the steam generator when the temperature rises above 600. Electric rating is 6 or 8kW (steam 2kW) - choose between manual fill steam generator or automatic (requires adjacent water supply. Available from stock in all types. Single phase requires extra contactor box. Finish: shadow grey
Now highly popular in Finland, EverReady is the first heater to offer instant sauna without the usual heat up time. The secret is in the huge rock store and incredibly efficient insulation within the heater walls which retains the heat under an insulated lid. After initial heating the 110kg of sauna rock is kept at temperature by a minimal 300watt (3 light bulbs!) supply; so effective is the heater insulation that the outside of the heater remains cool! When a sauna is desired the lid is lifted and large quantities of water applied to create instant steamy heat. A booster element, in conjunction with a lower opening vent, then raises the temperature within a few minutes to a dryer more usual sauna level. Supplied with a special pre-wired control pad, this heater is available to special order in 6kW rating. Finish is black with stainless steel and wood trim.
A number of wood burning heaters are available to special order for sauna chalets. Options include glass door, water tank for hot water production and various chimney types. Please contact us with you requirements.
Designed for larger commercial saunas, this heavy duty floor standing heater has lower watt elements for extended running time. As the power base for thousands of commercial cabins worldwide, the SKLE series has a massive 60kg rock store and requires the OK33 control panel which allows up to 12 hour running time. 9-15kW, three phase connection only. Finish is stainless steel

For an efficient, genuine Finnish sauna experience , it is essential to load the rocks into the heater correctly. Place the larger rocks loosely around the elements (never bend them) - do not pack tightly as good airflow is essential for a pleasant sauna environment and long element life. Place the smaller rocks on top and ensure that the elements are fully covered. As the rock crumbles with use check regularly and replace as necessary.

Control Panels:

Essential in commercial applications and optionally available for home users who require eye level operation, Helo sauna control panels offer various timer choices and thermostatic settings with high temperature protection via an electronic sensor. Choose from Standard OT type, with splash proof case to allow fitting on sauna exterior, for wall mounted heaters up to 8kW or heavy duty OK model for plant room fitting - optional with wall mount models and standard requirement with floor standing SKLE series heaters up to 15kW.

The latest DIGI 2 is a slim line electronic controller with soft touch pad control and digital readout providing a variety of timer functions and potential to store up to four individual choices of sauna program - supplied with connection box to suit all Helo heaters.

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