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Bespoke Sauna Cabins & Special Design Saunas

Want something slightly different? Need a bigger sauna?

With the help of Helo's designers we can offer a wide range of special design saunas for those who desire something different.

  • Cabins lined with knotless pine
  • Canadian Hemlock or Red Cedar
  • Generous sized models with verandas
  • Special lighting
  • Curved glass panels
  • Unusual window designs

If a sauna is being placed in somewhere like a swimming pool hall then a bold statement is often needed to either stand out or 'fit' into the surroundings.

We can also offer a sauna cabin closest to nature with solid log walls and cork insulated roof, both in traditional cabin style with cross-lap joints or modern space saving modular form.

Above all, our saunas are high quality and affordable no matter what design you require!

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