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DIY Home Saunas from Helo

Fitting a sauna at home may be easier than you think! The clever prefabricated panel design allows for simple assembly & the sandwich construction walls ensure that while the interior may be 80°C plus the outside surface remains cool and will not affect surrounding decor.

All types are available from the compact Bathroom Sauna at 1m square with space saving corner door, to larger luxurious designer cabins which may be enjoyed together with family and friends.

If you have space in your bathroom, spare bedroom or garage with electricity and a shower near at hand, you can erect a HELO sauna with little fuss and enjoy this relaxing and social pastime at minimal running costs.

All our saunas feature:

  • 75 mm wall and roof panels - sandwich construction with mineral wool insulation, foil vapour barrier and "softline" Spruce panelling discretely nailed on interior AND exterior.
  • Specially designed door - either glazed timber or 8 mm safety glass - with suitable door furniture.
  • Unique ducted ventilation system to ensure even temperature.
  • All Abachi wood interior furniture.
  • Authentic Finnish sauna heater with full width rock tray to ensure plenty of "steam".

Relax and enjoy the deep penetrating heat produced by our saunas, soothing joints and tired muscles.

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